Wednesday, June 19, 2013

a return to blogging?

Since Peter's birth, I have not been blogging!  That is stating the obvious.  To be honest, much of that decision was intentional (as opposed to the perhaps suspected non-decision that often accompanies life with a newborn).  There has been a certain feeling in the air around here since his birth that is very much a call to be present.  It has felt so good.  I have been lower tech than I have been in a long time these last ten months. (ten months!  How is dear Peter almost one already?!)  It has accompanied a 'new slow' that is our life as we know it.  The pace does pick up in patches, which can get stressful, but luckily this serves only to punctuate the nicer times of slowness.  Of being at home.  I can honestly say that what I do most is feed the people.  This might mean spending time in the kitchen cooking and cooking and cooking.  Or, it might mean growing our food outside in raised beds and chicken coops.  But I don't mind.  Feed my sheep.  Feed my lambs.  Right?

The rest is creating the life of the domestic church here, homeschooling, and...well, laundry and cleaning.  This is surely the list that set women's teeth on edge not long ago and became what we now call the feminist movement.  But I'll take this list.  These things, in fact, are my favorite things to do.  I feel more whole and content doing these things than anything else.  

Please don't misunderstand, there are days I wish I had more help!  And days when I just wish we had the money for take-out.  *alas*  And days when I yell at the boys because I wish I had more time to just sit. and. read. something.  BUT, at the end of the day, I am happy to sacrifice.  And when I'm not, I know it is growing my soul to just do it anyway.

This return to blogging is fueled by a desire to record.  I'm doing a lousey job of that.  Poor Peter does not have many photographs of himself, and he's such a beautiful boy!  Ultimately I think I want the journal of our days that a blog provides, and I don't mind sharing it with family and friends at the same time, since we do not excel at Christmas cards and New Year's letters. it goes!  Let's see if adding this back in to life feels comfortable or not.  

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