Tuesday, October 22, 2013

pet garden spider

We did have a nice summer, after all.  It's not that there's been nothing blogworthy in this life of ours.  Here begins a series of catch up posts, mostly for my own benefit (recording a few things we don't want to forget).  I realized today (I am in bed with a horrible cold), that part of the reason I have not been keeping up with this is that I'm still largely unaccustomed (and thereby overwhelmed) by this new platform.  I must conquer this!  A whole bunch of these catch up posts will surely buy me some confidence.  I hope they aren't too tedious.

This is a video of our pet garden spider.  She was enormous, and lived next to our bean bed the better part of July and August.  We loved her so.   Sorry for the use of the term 'butt' in this video.  ahem.  Next time we'll say 'abdomen,' I promise.  Actually, I wasn't around when they took this video.  We so want to remember this friend!

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