Saturday, July 5, 2014

how to handle a rainy Independence Day

I guess the simple answer is to postpone celebrations until the sun comes out!  But, to make the best of a rather cozy day at home, pickles and jam were my remedy for any cloudiness of mood.

This recipe belongs to our friend Deb, though I use English cukes because something about the dark, slick skin appeals to me in a bread and butter pickle.  They are absolutely delicious.  I will be making these weekly while cukes are in season.

And jam.  Oh jam.  I didn't get to strawberry pick myself this year, but my dear friend Jennifer generously sent a few pounds my way.  It was just enough to make one delicate batch of jam using a mix of recipes from Canning For a New Generation, which you should just get right away if you don't already have it.  It's a combo recipe using mostly the "high yield strawberry jam" combined with the lavender recipe later in the chapter.  It's also a bit lemony, which I love.  It's floral in just the right way, enough to taste but not overpower.

Today we will celebrate the 4th right, with a family cookout and then the symphony and fireworks at East Park in Worcester in the evening.  I don't love celebrating holidays in this postponed form, but this year it will just have to do…and the tasty canned goods are certainly a consolation.

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